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It's A Miracle

In a preliminary interview at Johns Hopkins University, Ben impresses the administrator with his passion and love for the human mind.

Themes: Miracle, Faith, Gifts, Talents, Inspiration, Imagination, Potential, Humanity, Creation/Creator, Greatness, Science, Transcendence, Wonder

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Sermon Outline

Main Idea: So Much Of Our Life Is Created By Our Imagination

Scene Setup: Ben has decided he wants to be a brain surgeon after successfully negotiating the early steps in his medical schooling. Now, for his residency, he has applied to John Hopkins, the...

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  • erickbrookins (over 3 years ago)

    Used this clip to talk about how science doesn't have to conflict with faith.

  • Cecil Barnette (over 4 years ago)

    One of the best movies I've seen. If every African American mother, father were to embrace the method of this mother, our race would improve by leaps and bounds towards the direction of God. We should demand our children fulfill God's destiny for their lives. It should not be an option, and parents should agree if they care for their childrens well being.

  • Ed Moore (over 4 years ago)

    CubA Gooding provieds another heartwarming presentation about one person triumping against all odds because of a deep rooted faith ... that something within that rises up to take advantage of opportunity when it calls. The Mind is a miracle.

  • Viniana Ravetali (over 4 years ago)


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"Gifted Hands" movie clips poster

He overcame adversity and changed the world of medicine.

Young Ben Carson didn’t have much of a chance. Growing up in a broken home amongst poverty and prejudice, his grades suffered and his temper flared. And yet, his mother never lost her faith in him. Insisting he follow the opportunities she never had, she helped grow his imagination, intelligence and his belief in himself. That belief, coupled with his faith in God, would drive him to follow his dream of becoming one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons.

MPAA: Not Rated

Principal Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Kimberly Elise, and Tajh Bellow

Director: Thomas Carter

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