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Implications Of Neo-Darwinism

Doctors and Scientists explore how the belief in Neo-Darwinism affects our society.

Themes: Creation/Creator, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Atheism, Sanctity of Life, Humanity, Injustice, Science

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  • Lance Hough (over 11 years ago)

    This is a great clip that very compellingly illustrates what a devalued view of human life worth can lead to. After buying the DVD and trying to capture it ourselves, we discovered that this piece does not exist in it's current form in the actual film and includes about 30-60 seconds of footage also not found in the film at all. Very cool.

  • Michael Cooper (over 11 years ago)


  • Daniel Richardson (over 11 years ago)

    Evolution has no vision. Without a vision people perish.

  • David H. (over 11 years ago)

    Looks very enlightening!

  • Ade Walker (over 11 years ago)

    Wow! Neodarwinism promotes a postmodernist, society that lacks morality!

  • Scott Williams (over 11 years ago)

    Great clip to explain WHY there is so much Hostility toward the Gospel

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Hosted by Ben Stein, this film is a fascinating look into the suppression of Intelligent Design theory within our scientific and educational communities. The documentary not only provides intellectual insight, but also effectively mixes humor and satire to produce a uniquely entertaining film.

MPAA: Rated PG

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Director: Nathan Frankowski

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