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Child Out Of Wedlock

Fantine is exterminated by her employer when they discover that she has had a child out of wedlock.

Themes: Sin, Motherhood, Single Parent, Desperation, Punishment, Rules, Discrimination, Legalism, Grace, Compassion, Mercy, Judging, Shame, Apathy, Plea, Condemnation, Self-Righteous, Despair, Strict, Unemployment


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: The Law Is Not Designed To Be Handled By Sinners

Scene Setup: In a world consumed with religious law and false piety, Fantine has just been discovered to have had a child out of wedlock. Her immediate supervisor calls her in for judgement.


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  • cnsedgwick (about 1 year ago)

    Truth without grace.

  • mneldner (over 4 years ago)

    What has happened to the 2012 Filme with Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe ... No longer available on Wingclips?

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