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Conquering Fears

Bruce Lee's master tells him that he must fight in order to conquer his fears.

Themes: Martial Arts, Training, Teaching, Learning, Devil/Demons, Fear, Preparing, Fighting, Heritage, Overcoming


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: Conquering Our Fears Is A Threatening Challenge

Scene Setup: Bruce Lee’s Sifu (Master) was a lifelong friend of Bruce and was well aware of the Lee family’s deep hurt and struggles. While Bruce’s physical strength and speed were mastered with his marital arts...

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  • JudieMartin (over 3 years ago)

    Excellent commentary good lesson

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"Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" movie clips poster

The Mystery. The Life. The Love. The Legend

Based on the life and career of Martial Arts superstar, Bruce Lee. Haunted by demons. Bruce was taught Martial arts at childhood. Bruce then was told by his father to flee to the United States. There, he opened up a Martial Arts school, then was chosen to be the Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. Then, his big movie career that included “The Big Boss” and “Enter the Dragon,” fighting many enemies along the way, including his childhood demon.

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for martial arts violence and sensuality

Principal Cast: Jason Scott Lee, Lauren Holly, Robert Wagner

Director: Rob Cohen

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