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Flood Is Imminent

As the greedy Congressman Long tries to convince Evan to take down his ark, Evan remains steadfast in his insistence of a flood.

Themes: Warning, Mocking, Disbelief, Doubt, Ultimatum, Business, Greed, Repentance, Faith, Steadfast, Trust, Trials, Confrontation, Commitment, Resolve, Threat, Forewarning, Plea, Test of Faith, Fortitude


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: God Can Be Trusted Even When All Evidence Points Against It

Scene Setup: Evan and his family have completed the ark on the day that God prophesied a giant flood would occur. As corrupt politician Long shows up with a court order to...

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"Evan Almighty" movie clips poster

The last time we saw Evan Baxter, he was being tormented by rival Bruce Nolan onscreen, live from their Buffalo TV station. But as time passed and Evan has made up with Bruce, he’s gone onto bigger and better things. Newly elected to Washington D.C. as a congressman, Evan has left Buffalo, New York in pursuit of a greater calling. But that calling isn’t serving in the illustrious ranks of America’s politics, but being summoned by the Almighty himself, who has handed Evan the task of building a new ark, much as Noah did before. With time passing by and his family belittled by Evan’s newfound realization, Evan will have to do the work that God has given him in what promises to be an unusual adventure for a man who just wanted to serve his country, might actually be serving humanity.

MPAA: Rated PG for mild rude humor and some peril.

Principal Cast: Steve Carrell, Lauren Graham, Morgan Freeman, Wanda Sykes, and John Goodman

Director: Tom Shadyac
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