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Kill, Kill, Kill

After defeating another legendary gladiator, Maximus refuses to honor the crowd’s wish and the Emperor’s command to kill his foe.

Themes: Fighting, Spectacle, Bloodlust, Mercy, Death, Forgiveness, Defiance, Savior, Challenging Authority, Sacrifice, Cruelty, Compassion, Victory, Defeat, Entertainment, Life, Free Will, Power, Warrior, Sanctity of Life


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: Will We Count The Cost And Stand For Life?

Scene Setup: Maximus, a powerful Roman General, was anointed by the dying Emperor to become the next ruler of Rome. However, Commodus, the Emperor’s vengeful son, killed his father and snatched the throne and...

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A Hero Will Rise.

Maximus is a powerful Roman general, loved by the people and the aging Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Before his death, the Emperor chooses Maximus to be his heir over his own son, Commodus, and a power struggle leaves Maximus and his family condemned to death. The powerful general is unable to save his family, and his loss of will allows him to get captured and put into the Gladiator games until he dies. The only desire that fuels him now is the chance to rise to the top so that he will be able to look into the eyes of the man who will feel his revenge.

MPAA: Rated R for intense, graphic combat

Principal Cast: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen

Director: Ridley Scott

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