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The Bridge

The bridge operator must make a decision whether to save his son’s life or the passengers aboard an oncoming train.

Themes: Love-God's, Sacrifice, Choices, Discernment, Danger, Death, Sanctity of Life, Catch 22, Love-Father's


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: There Was A Tremendous Cost Paid By The Father

Scene Setup: The father, who operates the drawbridge at the river, has finally given in to his young son’s request to join him at work. However on that day, someone has made a major...

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  • griffith (2 months ago)

    Watch the clip carefully. The boy did not accidentally die, as many of these comments suggest. He willingly risked his life for the passengers. He was not disobedient either. He tried to get his father's attention but did not have time to get his father's permission to try to stop the train. The agony of the father to sacrifice his son aptly depicts God's grief to put Jesus to death even for apathetic people like us.

  • aschlecht001 (over 3 years ago)

    The dad had a difficult choice, but he killed his son. The passengers did not kill the boy. God didn't kill Jesus. We did. The boy didn't give his life--he died accidentally by his father's noble actions. One could interpret the boy as disobedient. Jesus didn't accidentally die. He gave his life for us and didn’t disobey his Father. The passengers were innocent. Jesus saves us from our sinful acts. We are not innocent. Sorry, but this does not work; it denigrates Jesus’ sacrifice.

  • Ayodeji (over 7 years ago)

    Wonderful story, hope it bring souls to the kingdom

  • boggsprop (over 7 years ago)

    This is about sacrifice. The father made a conscious decision to save the train passengers at the risk of his son's life. The son had to make a sacrifice through his disobediency- he was told not to stray, like we are told not to stray into the enemy's camp and yet we try Satan's ways versus God's. I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it and there is no way one cannot see the parallel of God's love for us in this clip.

  • raymondrobinsonjr (over 7 years ago)

    Excellent clip, but find it wanting in terms of explaining God's love for us. If as it is commonly believed that God so loved us (and I believe He does), then why didn't He come Himself? Answer: God didn't send someone else to save the world, He literally came Himself. (see Isa 7:14; 9:6; Micah 5:2; Jn 8:56-59; 14:6-11; Col 2:8-9; 1 Tim 3:16).

  • albyrob (over 7 years ago)

    breaking the heart...

  • armindobuendia (over 8 years ago)

    keep crying everytime i watch this, thank God for His great sacrifice giving His Son as a gift of salvation to all of us...

  • Jacobus (over 9 years ago)


  • slkstoryrock (over 9 years ago)

    Haven't seen it for over 20 years. But it was a powerful movie and stimulated great discussion in groups that used it for Lenten Study. The thoughts about the boy's death being an accident vs Jesus' making a conscious choice are good, but for me the central part was seeing things through God's eyes. Humbling, still after all these years

  • worshipleader53 (over 9 years ago)

    The urges of caution are well received and bear merit, but it gives one another angle and a great opportunity as well...give them the Gospel...Jesus was no accident.

  • neilj (over 9 years ago)

    A compelling clip, but needs to be used with care. While in this case, the boy had no choice (his death was the result of an accident on his part), Jesus chose to give his life as a willing ransom. For this reason, there are better illustrations in terms of Christ's sacrifice. Nevertheless, it certainly illustrates the love of the Father in giving His own son, so used wisely this can be a great clip.

  • shawncoons (over 9 years ago)

    Why resort to guilt and pulling emotional strings to spread our faith? Sharing the Good News and joy of Christ is sufficient.

  • jdascosr (over 9 years ago)

    I like it as my sermon illustration in God's love it is very touchable story

  • Eric Mendoza (over 9 years ago)

    It is sad

  • Douglas Jarrold (over 9 years ago)

    Wow! What a perfect illustration of God's love. I can't wait to use this clip.

  • Hery Kwok (over 9 years ago)

    wonderful massage

  • Jerome Robinson (over 9 years ago)

    This clip left everyone with tears and great conviction

  • Arthur Perez (over 9 years ago)

    it grips my heart,powerful and moving.God's love is great!

  • Shawn Hazel (over 9 years ago)

    I agree with the warning, probably not suitable for the general audience but clip intensely plays out the sacrifice of God the Father giving up His Son.

  • Mathew Alger (over 9 years ago)


  • Ronald Camiling (over 9 years ago)

    im deeply touched. ill use this to show how great is the love of the Father

  • Chad Blood (over 9 years ago)

    Amazing....I weep everytime I watch it...and to think...God sacrificed the glory of heaven for my story...

  • David Clippard (over 9 years ago)

    Powerful clip of a classic illustration

  • Anthony Millsap (over 9 years ago)

    wow this is a perfect pic of how God had to send His Son to die for us and how so many didn't even now what was going on

  • Revd Craig Smith (over 9 years ago)

    Very Powrerful, are people listening!

  • Lisa Martin (over 9 years ago)

    Wow! Gripping!

  • Randy Schoof (over 9 years ago)

    If you haven't yet seen it - you need to see the entire movie - it's awesome. Beautiful art....

  • Kelvin Baker (over 9 years ago)


  • Jonathan Jackson (over 9 years ago)

    Heartwrenching...even still, I cannot imagine how God felt to let go of His Son. At least I get a glimpse.

  • Paul Moore (over 9 years ago)

    very powerful!!!

  • Ellen D'errico (over 9 years ago)

    Awesome! What a great way to illustrate God's sacrifice of his Son Jesus.

  • Rudi Young (over 9 years ago)

    yet while we were still sinners God Loved us and gave it all

  • Joe Ashley (over 9 years ago)

    Gosh... That will really move you.

  • Sonny Hurd (over 9 years ago)


  • John Glennon (over 9 years ago)

    this is really great to show God's sacrifice in a human experience!

  • Neal Wheeler (over 9 years ago)


  • Dave Rowe (over 9 years ago)


  • Dalon Chin (over 9 years ago)

    effective depiction of the griffith story

  • James Krieg (over 9 years ago)

    Great illustration - but I wouldn't use it as a complete picture of the atonement - Jesus was a willing sacrifice, given by the Father, not an accidental death...

  • Todd Hart (over 9 years ago)

    Wow...I'm still crying!

  • Budhiono Lie (over 9 years ago)

    very touching heart!

  • Mpumi Dathini (over 9 years ago)

    Excellent!!!!!! I yatshisa (it hot-ZULU)

  • Christian Jonch (over 9 years ago)

    Great love for another men

  • Dee Durden (over 9 years ago)

    Great comparison. God made a sacrifice no man is ready to make. We should serve God with all our heart.

  • Debra Mc Neill (over 9 years ago)

    Really powerful for getting your audience to understand the pain of sacrifice, and how much God lovesus.

  • William Holtzinger (over 9 years ago)

    One word: POWERFUL!

  • Benjamin Sulit (over 9 years ago)

    Great love!

  • Xavier Ortiz (over 9 years ago)

    What an excellent clip to use! Too powerful in so many ways!

  • Billy Webre (over 9 years ago)

    Wow! What a perfect picture of the Father's sacrifice the He made for us.

  • Edward Gorniak (over 9 years ago)

    very powerful tool for evangelisim God did not spare his own Son

  • Bob Craig (over 9 years ago)

    Powerful and compelling. Gets the message across.

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A breathtaking modern-day parable.

Most(Czech for ‘The Bridge’) is a beautiful Oscar-nominated movie and winner of many prestigious film festivals. It tells the story of the close relationship between a bridge operator and his young son and the fateful day when both try off an impending rail disaster. A steam train full of hundreds of passengers are unaware of the danger as they head towards an open drawbridge. Most is both a heart-wrenching and glorious story that portrays the greatest measure of love, sacrifice, hope and forgiveness known to man.

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Principal Cast: Vladimír Javorsk, Linda Rybová, Ladislav Ondrej

Director: Bobby Garabedian

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