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Nacho suspects that his futility in the ring is caused by his partner’s lack of faith. So Nacho performs an unsuspecting baptism.

Themes: Baptism, Salvation, Atheism, Free Will, Desperation, Disbelief, Science, Judging, Evangelism, Faith


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  • erickbrookins (over 9 years ago)

    Love it...can't force someone to take a faith step towards Christ.

  • ronron3642 (over 12 years ago)

    Excellent clip showing that too often we are misguided in our belief that faith can fix everything. If things aren't going well, it's because we don't have enough faith. If we want to turn things around, then we need to work on having more faith. Faith is not a fixer of things ... faith is about a relationship with Jesus, even when things are broken.

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"Nacho Libre" movie clips poster

He’s nacho average hero

Nacho is a young man who was raised in a monastery in Mexico and now works there as the cook. Fueled by his passion for wrestling, he dons a mask and cape and picks up a partner to compete in a local Lucha Libre tournament to try for the $200 prize so he can buy better food for the kids and achieve respect. When a new nun, Sister Encarnacion arrives at the monastery, he tries to win her adoration as well while attempting to prove that being a Luchador isn’t a sin and win the grand prize at a battle royal tournament so he can buy a bus for the kids.

MPAA: Rated PG for some rough action, and crude humor including dialogue

Principal Cast: Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera, and Héctor Jiménez

Director: Jared Hess

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