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Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

After years of sitting on the sidelines out of uniform, Rudy finally gets the chance to dress and play in a real game.

Themes: Persistence, Pride, Inspiration, Ambition, Success, Fulfillment, Defining Moments, Joy, Perseverance, Reward, Opportunity, Dedication, Support, Carpe Diem, Example, Celebration, Greatness, Accomplishment, Goals, Victory


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: We Inspire Others When We Give It All We’ve Got

Scene Setup: Rudy has spent his entire life dreaming of the day he would play football for Notre Dame. Being far too small and without significant athletic ability, Rudy nevertheless has worked his...

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Comments (6)

  • iutaiuta (over 5 years ago)

    Everything is possible with God on your side, believe in yourself. Amene.

  • wingfoot (over 5 years ago)

    "ALL hard work brings a profit, but mere talk only leads to poverty" (Proverbs 14:23)

  • wingfoot (over 5 years ago)

    When you win, You encourage and make others feel like they've won too! - "Let your light SO shine before men, that they see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven" (Mathew 5:16)

  • SoliDeoGloria (over 8 years ago)

    Such a great clip. Gives me goosebumps to see what happened in Rudy's life, and what can happen in our lives too if we give it all to God.

  • thirdforce (over 8 years ago)

    Awesome clip with God we are not limited when obstacles are placed before us.

  • kthomas (over 8 years ago)

    Great clip on how to give give up on your dreams. If you do the right thing you will be rewarded in the end.

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"Rudy" movie clips poster

When people say dreams don’t come true, tell them about Rudy

Ever since he was a little boy, Rudy Ruettiger has dreamed of attending Notre Dame University and playing on the Fighting Irish football team. But Rudy’s dream doesn’t seem very practical as his grades are not especially impressive, and standing a shade over five feet tall and weighing a little over 100 pounds, Rudy is hardly built for the gridiron. However, this young man learns to let nothing stop him from realizing his ambitions in this heartwarming true story.

MPAA: Rated PG for mild language.

Principal Cast: Sean Astin, Jon Favreau, and Ned Beatty

Director: David Anspaugh
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