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One Person's Worth

In an effort to save their lives, Schindler tries to convince Goeth to sell him each enslaved Jew.

Themes: Sanctity of Life, Compassion, Mercy, Money, Greed, Humanity, Holocaust, Savior, World War 2, Business


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"Schindler's List" movie clips poster

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.

“Schindler’s List” is the based-on-truth story of Nazi Czech businessman Oskar Schindler, who uses Jewish labor to start a factory in occupied Poland. As World War II progresses, and the fate of the Jews becomes more and more clear, Schindler’s motivations switch from profit to human sympathy and he is able to save over 1100 Jews from death in the gas chambers.

MPAA: Rated R for language, some sexuality and actuality violence.

Principal Cast: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Kingsley

Director: Steven Spielberg

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