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His Name Is Jesus

Upon witnessing the birth of Jesus, the shepherds run through the streets proclaiming that the savior is born and his name is Jesus.

Themes: Christmas, Miracle, Savior, Birth, Gifts, Giving, Celebration, Sentiment, Prophecy, Worship

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Sermon Outline

Main Idea: Why are the shepherds present at Jesus’ birth historically and prophetically significant to our understanding of His identity, and how do other details of His arrival into the world add depth and richness to God’s plan of redemption for mankind?

Scene Setup: After...

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  • bdaly (over 5 years ago)

    From the very beginning, Christ binds our wounds

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"The Chosen - Christmas Pilot" movie clips poster

“The Chosen” is the first multi-season, crowd-funded show about the life of Christ. This pilot episode revolves around a young shepherd, who encounters Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. Every person involved in the core team creating this series is a believer in Christ and is committed to biblical and historical accuracy. We also have a team of Bible-believing historical experts consulting on the project.

MPAA: Not Rated

Director: Dallas Jenkins

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