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Finite Job

After having his job threatened by the Attorney General, Robert says his job and life in general is finite, it’s all about how you live.

Themes: Politics, Bureaucracy, Perspective, Death, Employment, Priorities, Threat


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  • Resultsatlanta (over 7 years ago)

    All jobs will have an end point ... and you do not get to choose the time in Most cases ... we should all have this down as we start make every day our first and last to be proud of in the final account which may not be the last day as we know it.

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"The Kingdom" movie clips poster

Trust No One

After a terrorist attack on an American housing compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, FBI agent Ronald Fleury blackmails the Saudi Arabian consul to get five days of investigation in the location. He travels with agent Grant Sykes, Janet Mayes and Adam Leavitt to avenge their friend and try to find those responsible for the bombing. The agents find all sorts of difficulties in their investigation, but they are supported by Colonel Faris Al Ghazi that advises the team how to act in a hostile environment.

MPAA: Rated R for intense sequences of graphic brutal violence, and for language

Principal Cast: Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner

Director: Peter Berg

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