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New World

As the war for independence comes to an end, Benjamin Martin reflects on how his nation and its citizens will be forever changed.

Themes: Success, Giving Up, Legacy, Sacrifice, Battle, War, Freedom, Winning, Reward, Rebellion, Heritage, History, Surrender, Shame, Change, Patriotism, Accomplishment, Independence, Victory, Memorial


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Some things are worth fighting for.

Benjamin Martin is a South Carolina planter who is still haunted by his notoriously brutal past as a soldier in the French and Indian War. When the American Revolution comes, he chooses not to fight for the Continental Army because he wants to protect his family. But when the British Colonel Tavington threatens their welfare and kills one of his sons, he chooses to enlist. Martin soon becomes the leader of a makeshift militia, which consists of peasants, slaves, a minister, and assorted other irregulars. During the war Martin and his men discover that they will pay a steep personal price for their rebellion. But thanks to their courage and bravery, they are also destined to pay a pivotal role in turning the tide against the Redcoats.

MPAA: Rated R for strong war violence.

Principal Cast: Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Jason Isaacs and Chris Cooper

Director: Roland Emmerich
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