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You Are Free

After getting caught trying to escape, Major Campbell faces the punishment of death. Yet, Dusty chooses to sacrifice his life for the life of Campbell.

Themes: Pain, Sacrifice, Enemy, Suffering, Anguish, Death, Christ-like, Love-God's, Savior, Hero, Forgiveness, Love-Unconditional, Crucifixion, Martyr, Ransom


Sermon Outline

Main Idea: There Is One Who Sacrificed His Life So We Could Go Free

Scene Setup: Since their capture the Scottish prisoners have been torn into two camps. One, led by Major Campbell, hates the Japanese and wants to escape or kill his captors. The...

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Comments (25)

  • Ifydada (over 12 years ago)

    Awesome clip and will very well move any audience, however tough and mean hearted will tremble and succumb to the truth of "Jesus' sacrifice" for mankind. Ify dada- brunei

  • votreasure (over 12 years ago)

    I have to watch this movie, hope I can find it, powerful message of love how Christ went to the cross for us, he pd the price,his death for our life Thank u Jesus

  • dwaneparsons (over 13 years ago)

    Thanks Wingclips for access to so much amazing stuff. This clip will be powerful for our folks.

  • loneza (over 13 years ago)

    great and powerful movie...

  • Ed Scearce (over 13 years ago)

    Powerful scene. Does anyone know if this scene is actual or creative license.

  • Ruth Gador Ursua (over 13 years ago)

    Very good clip. not too graphic and yet captures the viewer of the essence of the message behind

  • Daryl Fruelda (over 13 years ago)

    What an awesome film.

  • Scott Williams (over 13 years ago)

    WOW!!! Perfect example of true love. that a man lay down his life for a friend

  • Chad Mccallum (over 13 years ago)! powerful.

  • David Mc Kinney (over 13 years ago)

    This is great

  • Allan Bailey (over 13 years ago)

    This clip was altogether remarkable in that it poignantly illustrated Vicarious Sacrifice in a manner that was of the highest cinematic quality.

  • Clare Scott (over 13 years ago)

    According to the website of Paul Adams (, who met and interviewed Ernest Gordon, "Two weeks before the end of the war, Dusty was nailed to a tree and disemboweled by a Japanese guard that was flustered because Dusty would never break, and never anger. This made the Japanese guard "lose face"." This story was omitted from Gordon's book 'Miracle on the River Kwai' as the editors felt it would be too difficult for readers.

  • Ken Snaith (over 13 years ago)

    it brings it home to us in a world we understand what Christ did for us, you cannot help but be moved by this mans sacrifice for his friend.

  • Stefani Tangkeallo (over 13 years ago)

    its an amazing movie

  • Bidemi Kolawole (over 13 years ago)

    A powerful heart changing film.

  • Paul Carlisle (over 13 years ago)

    A vivid portrayl of God's ultimate sacrifice for us.

  • Steve Tadlock (over 13 years ago)

    Everyone needs to see this film. The fact that i's based on a true story is even more amazing.

  • Ruel Gagui (over 13 years ago)

    What selflessness!!

  • Bradley Wickersheim (over 13 years ago)

    POWERFUL!! I am not sure anyone could miss the message when this is connected with what Christ did for us

  • Mitch (over 13 years ago)

    This is one of the best sermon illustrations of the cross that I have ever seen. The whole movie is incredible. Make sure you see this film!!!

  • Jonathan Whitlock (over 13 years ago)

    Very powerful. What an incredible depiction of what Christ did for us!

  • Arthur De'souza George (over 13 years ago)

    I have never pursued the use of clips as an aid to the preaching experience, but after veiwing your clips, not only will I begin the practice, but also start viewing the movies in some depth. A new day has dawn for me. Thanks.

  • Jeff Fields (over 13 years ago)


  • Philana Crouch (over 13 years ago)

    Thank you so much for making these clips available. I am preaching an evangelistic series at my church, and people tell me how much they appreciate the visual illustrations.

  • vrmvrm (over 14 years ago)


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