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Let This Change You

After a local student violently ends his life at school, Jake urges the members of his local youth group to let the tragedy change them for the better.

Themes: Church, Religion, Judging, Hypocrisy, Defining Moments, Peer-Pressure, Conviction, Fellowship, Vulnerability, Solidarity, Life Changing, Popularity, Preaching

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Sermon Outline

Main Idea: When You Receive Jesus, It Changes Your Heart

Scene Setup: Jake Taylor has just eyewitnessed the suicide of one of his childhood friends. Realizing he had forsaken his friend to move into the upper echalon of the jock world, Jake is remorseful and...

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4.7/5 Stars (7 ratings)

Comments (5)

  • nkasper413 (over 13 years ago)

    This film is a counter-cultural movement that impacts the question of truth and acceptance in a manner in which the youth can relate to and understand. This film, and New Song Church in Oceanside, are meeting the youth were they are. I have used this movies countless times to express the behaviors and interactions that my youth has upon their generation and how to love and not judge during a difficult time in their lives. A must watch for any parent or youth leader.

  • Joseph Samson (over 14 years ago)

    the world need films like this. It may not solve the entire problem of the universe but it will surely start a wildfire of change in the life of millions. Wonderfull movie.

  • Lauree Hanson (over 14 years ago)

    What a great way to get us to think about those around us and their needs. Very moving.

  • Craig Cramblet (over 14 years ago)

    Well done, well done! When my 13 year old daughter came home from this and declared it her "favorite movie ever", I was so excited. This movie touches on a lot of issues and certainly cannot "solve" them all, but points to the transforming truth and hope found in Jesus Christ. See it. Share it. Show it to your church.

  • Guy Matsuda (over 14 years ago)


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"To Save A Life" movie clips poster

To Save A Life is a powerful movie about the real-life challenges of teens and their choices. But it’s more than just a movie—it’s a story about change and a powerful reminder of how we can all make a difference in someone’s life. At some point, every teen has to decide: “What’s my life going to be about?” To Save A Life dares to bring that question into their world, encouraging them to answer it with boldness, honesty and Christ-likeness.

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements involving teen suicide, teen drinking, some drug content, disturbing images and sexuality.

Principal Cast: Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg and Joshua Weigel

Director: Brian Baugh

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