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Darwinist Perspective

Ben Stein interviews a number of educated atheists to get their thoughts on Religion and Intelligent Design.

Themes: Creation/Creator, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Atheism, Religion, Brainwash, Disbelief, Philosophy

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  • Saint Ascension (over 14 years ago)

    I think the movie does a good job in showing that evolution is a theory, and not fact. However, we must be careful in stating that just because evolution may be wrong, doesn't mean the Bible is right. I personally believe in higher powers and possible elevations of thought, and that there is much to our existence we don't know. You will not find me following any religion. Though I do not deny a greater power.

  • Daniel Richardson (over 14 years ago)

    The principles of clay man (idol) worship.

  • Ed Poor (over 14 years ago)

    A nasty plot to eliminate religion.

  • Cynthia Parkes (over 14 years ago)

    Makes a great case for children learning at an early age that the Bible is true, inspired, and relevant

  • Chris Ferger (over 14 years ago)

    scary to think people really believe this

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"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" movie clips poster

Hosted by Ben Stein, this film is a fascinating look into the suppression of Intelligent Design theory within our scientific and educational communities. The documentary not only provides intellectual insight, but also effectively mixes humor and satire to produce a uniquely entertaining film.

MPAA: Rated PG

Principal Cast: Ben Stein

Director: Nathan Frankowski

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