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Genetic Mutation

Scientists discuss how the evolutionary theory of random genetic change contradicts what really occurs in nature.

Themes: Creation/Creator, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Atheism, Religion, Brainwash, Disbelief, Science

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  • Daniel Richardson (over 14 years ago)

    Oh, so there is no such thing as evolution. If that is the case, why does it get a free ride in our school systems?

  • Carl Barrows (over 14 years ago)

    This clip summarizes one of the dirty little secrets of Darwinism and its supporters-that mutations cannot possibly be the raw material for evolution. Any new variants would be selected out and disappear from any population.

  • Aaron Childress (over 14 years ago)

    I've been kicked out of three university level courses at three different academic institutions for presesnting evidence that refuted Darwinism and for merely suggesting Creationism as a viable alternative to Darwinism.

  • Rob Demeuse (over 14 years ago)

    Evolution exists as small change within species (microevolution) but macroevolution one species becoming another is not supported by the evidence.

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Hosted by Ben Stein, this film is a fascinating look into the suppression of Intelligent Design theory within our scientific and educational communities. The documentary not only provides intellectual insight, but also effectively mixes humor and satire to produce a uniquely entertaining film.

MPAA: Rated PG

Principal Cast: Ben Stein

Director: Nathan Frankowski

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