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The Cell

Scientists explain how the complexities of a single cell are far more advanced then what the scientists in Darwin’s time thought.

Themes: Creation/Creator, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Design, Science, Discovery

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  • scotlandrobinson (over 13 years ago)

    Phenomenal clip will use in "intro to Christianity" class with highly motivated int'l students bible college class today!

  • Steve Sileo (over 14 years ago)

    A great beginning video clip to introduce a series on evolution vs creation.

  • Shawn Hazel (over 14 years ago)

    Darwinists want to move from the simple to the complex, but the cell doesn't fit Darwin's expectations.

  • Glenn Snyder (over 14 years ago)

    Great insight into the complexity and beauty of cells.

  • Daniel Richardson (over 14 years ago)

    Real Science for a change.

  • Daniel Frederiks (over 14 years ago)


  • Rob Demeuse (over 14 years ago)

    Awesome. I am using in a presentation Evolution or Intelligent Design: Does it really matter what you believe?

  • James Martin (over 14 years ago)


  • Abram Dueck (over 14 years ago)


  • Stan Weese (over 14 years ago)

    An excellent example of creation's declaring the magnificence of the Creator not only at the "macro" level of the heavens but also at the "micro" level of the cell.

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